Bullying is one of the most important issues facing our families, schools, communities and society today, yet most teachers-in-training and experienced educators have not taken a class or a course about this issue. This course will help educators better understand the issue of bullying and develop strategies for addressing bullying in their schools. The course is based on the premise that an educator's primary professional duty is to help students learn, and frightened students who feel that they are in an unsafe classroom environment cannot reach their potential as learners. Additionally, this course emphasizes the inclusion of socialization curriculum, which becomes part of the general school curricula and continues year to year. Through this course, teachers will gain an understanding of their basic knowledge pertaining to bullying. The students will engage in hands on and experiential activities that will help them gain a better awareness of bullying behavior, reaction of the victim, the responsibility of bystanders, and how to create a bully proof assurance in their classroom and school.